Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

                 David Rudisha,CC photo courtesy of Andre Zehetbauer,ISTAF Berlin 2010

Somaliland Tribune report

Kenya could pull out of this year’s Rio Olympics due to concerns over the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, according to the head of Kenya’s Olympics committee,reported the British daily The Guardian.

“Obviously, we are not going to risk taking Kenyans there if this Zika virus reaches epidemic levels,”  said Kipchoge Keino in the report.

Kenya boasts some of the best middle- and long-distance runners in the world and the east African nation topped the medals table at the 2015 World Athletics Championships.

The United States Olympic Committee, meanwhile, has told American sports federations that athletes and staff concerned for their health over the Zika virus should consider not going to the Games in Rio.

The message was delivered in a conference call involving USOC officials and leaders of US sport federations in late January, according to two people who participated in the call.

Federations were told that no one should go to Brazil “if they don’t feel comfortable going. Bottom line,” said Donald Anthony, the president and board chairman of USA Fencing.