Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

Gebile’s governor appeals for aid to curb destruction brought by drought
Somalilandtribune report

The Regional governor of Gebile region Mustafa Abdi ‘shine’ has appealed to the Somaliland government and the people of Somaliland to support the communities affected by the recent drought, reported local media.

Abdi said that the drought which has resulted from the delay of the rains has affected the communities especially those living in rural areas. Water supplies operations in all parts affected by drought have been initiated by the government.

The finance minister Samsam Abdi Adhan donated more than thirty trucks or water tankers to the affected regions at the end of the week. The nationwide campaign will help the communities in hard hit areas and help mitigate prolonged periods of drought.

Abdi was the first among the state officials to implement the Presidents directive to supply water to the affected areas. The drought has also caused the death a large number of livestock.

Few days ago a delegation of cabinet ministers led by the finance minister visited the areas affected by the drought and made donations to the communities affected.