Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

                    CC image of Turkish president Raccep Tayyeb Erdogan

Somalilandtribune report

Efforts to help Somalia on the humanitarian front was the main focus of the global forum on Somalia whick kicked off in Istanbul on Tuesday,reported Somali daily Hiiraan Online.

Turkish president Raccep Tayyeb Erdogan in his opening speech urged the international community to help Somalia which is in need of urgent humanitarian need.

According to the United Nations’ Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU), the number of acutely food-insecure people may increase from the current 1 million unless humanitarian assistance is significantly scaled up between now and the end of the year.

Areas currently experiencing acute food insecurity in southern and central Somalia are also the same areas where the number of people in crisis and emergency is likely to increase.

Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and representatives from key donor countries as well as the United Nations are among attendants of the sixth High Level Partnership Forum on Somalia.