Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

Somalilandtribune report

The minister of commerce and investment Adam Cigge Hussein on Sunday met with a delegation from China.

The delegation which comprised of businessmen and investors was accompanied by the somaliland representative to China Mohamud Abdi Suleiman.

The Chinese delegation expressed desire to invest in the country and are exploring trade and business opportunities.

The minister emphasized the relationship between the people of Somaliland and China and explained Somalilanders knack for entrepreneur skills.He also reiterated the long standing China-Somaliland trading relationship which dates back centuries ago.

The visit by the Chinese delegation comes at a time when Somaliland and neigbouring Ethiopia are discussing the best possible way to establish and realize the Berbera Corridor.The trade route is considered vital for Ethio-Somaliland commercial relations,and if realised it will connect Berbera port with the border town of Wajaale.