Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

Somalilandtribune report

The municipal council of Borama on Friday inaugurated the opening of the main road leading to the town centre of Borama.

Vice president of Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Sylici) was the senior most government official who attended the opening ceremony to mark the completion of the road.The vice president in his speech reminded the councillors of their responsibility to the electorate.

According to Abdillahi, the councillors and the government officials should take more responsibility in spearheading development projects in the country. He also congratulated the people of Borama for their role in implementing development projects in the area.

The minister of livestock Omar sheikh and other government officials also attended the opening ceremony of the road’s completion. Omar thanked the municipal council of Borama for the initiative pointing out that “such projects are very important to the development of the country”.